Private Bin Order

Extractions from Government Gazette for consideration...
What is meant by domestic waste?
"Domestic waste" means waste, consisting of combustible materials, such as paper,
cardboard, or wet waste (organic) from a kitchen, crèche or office or similar
materials, generated in a dwelling, including the real property upon which it is
Public health principles.... The activities and uses of premises listed in this Schedule are considered to pose an
unacceptable risk to public health unless the measures specified in the relevant Chapter of these By-laws and
where required, in a permit, are taken to avoid the risk or to reduce it to a
level acceptable to the Council.
(2) When the Council receives an application contemplated in subsection (1), it must ensure that the relevant
premises concerned are inspected by an environmental health officer as soon as reasonably possible.
(p) an adequate refuse holding area must be provided and an approved refuse removal system must be
Refuse receptacles
97. Any person who operates a nursing home must provide an adequate number of refuse receptacles on the
premises ......where 240 liter bin(s) may be shared by two unit.
"Basic Refuse Removal Service" means a baseline service level as established under Section 9.1 of the National
Policy on Free Basic Refuse Removal.

For each apartment being built, it should be assumed that 2.5 black bags will be produced each week. Collect
residual waste (from bin rooms) in 240L Euro style bins, which have a capacity of approximately 5 – 6 black
bags. Therefore 2 units occupied by a development of four persons will require one 240L Euro style bins
Payment by weight
Waste collectors are charge for waste disposal at landfill according to weight. Waste
collectors use wheelie bins for the safe and efficient collection of waste. If there is a
wheelie bin system in operation in your area, you must present your waste in a
wheelie bin or it will not be collected. By using bin bags, you are acting in a
respectful and humanitarian manner towards the collectors. It also makes for easiness
of collection. You can generally buy bags from local shops, garages etc.
Bulk waste
If you have a large volume of waste to get rid of, you can hire a skip from a private waste
collection company. Bulky items like carpets, furniture or fridges should never be left out for
the regular refuse collection.
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240 liter Black Wheelie bin:             R 735,00
Blue:                                                    R 550,00
Yellow:                                                R 550,00
Orange:                                               R 550,00
Red:                                                     R 550,00