Garden Waste

Another recyclable item such as garden waste is also collected by us and you may connect by completing online The monthly tariff R115,00 entails year round collection for 52 weeks. WE DELIVER YOUR CUT OFF GRASS & ORGANIC MATTER TO INFORMAL ORGANIC WASTE RECYCLERS & THUS ONLY ACT AS THE TRANSPORTERS / GO BETWEEN. WE RECEIVE NO remuneration / monies FROM THESE INFORMAL COMPOST MAKERS. Garden waste to be collected will be contained by the resident in standard black/green bags. The quantity will not exceed more than 6 bags per week, which normally fits a 240 litre municipal container. The tariff is calculated for the weight transported on an average. Wet grass within a container without bag containment will weigh more than dry grass cuttings. By using bags, unwanted stench and spillage is minimized within the Estate & the personnel of BI WASTE is sure to handle the weight if a container is used. Spillage will be cleaned immediately.